A Staged Home Makes the Sale

When you’re planning on selling your home, there are a number of things to have in place. Working with the Katronis Real Estate Team, we’ll guide you through the entire selling process whether it be a few days - or a year - before you’re ready to list your home.

Let us explain the various Staging Packages we offer our sellers, at no extra charge, to make your home look its best for prospective buyers.

In-house Professional Staging Services

Our full-time, real-estate stager works exclusively for the Katronis Team. Serena has become an integral part of our team over the past six years. From simple de-cluttering to furniture staging to comprehensive renovation planning, Serena understands what makes a home sell.

She works with our sellers prior to listing so your home will show as functional, clean, and nicely decorated with updated furniture for a faster sale at the highest possible price.

Like our Seller’s Service Guarantee states, we’re committed to selling your home. For this reason, we’ve invested thousands of dollars into our exclusive collection of furnishings that Serena can draw upon to stage your home.

We really saw the value in having a Stager come into the house which they provided. She gave us great recommendations and was exceptional.    - Ron & Susan Manning Cloverdale (Seller) 2016

1.       De-cluttering and Furniture Arrangement
Let’s take a look at a simple decluttering project which helped this Provinceton home, in one of Cloverdale’s neighbourhoods, sell within 8 days.




18211 70a before.jpg


 18211 70A after.jpg

Clutter is counterproductive for you and unattractive to a buyer. Staging is an integral part of a Seller’s Customizable Marketing Plan with the Katronis Real Estate Team.

2.       Furniture Arrangement and Staging Décor
In this Augusta Townhome, Serena utilized some of the homeowner’s furnishings to transform the living room into a focal selling point. Buyers could easily visualize their family enjoying a movie together or entertaining friends in this seller’s living room.




#6 18211 70th ave before.jpg


6 18211 70th after.jpg

 A buyer doesn’t imagine what a room would look like. They base their buying on what they see!

3.       Vacant Home Staging
If you’ve relocated for work prior to selling your home, or have an empty rental property that you would like to sell, our stager can furnish the essential rooms of your property to make the best impression during showings.

Understanding buying behavior, we discourage sellers from listing an unfurnished home. Perspective buyers have difficulty visualizing traffic flow, square footage, and what an empty room would look like with their furniture.

This Cloverdale property was a vacant rental home when the owners wanted to list it for sale. Void of all furnishings, Serena had a blank canvas to create an inviting, lived-in feel by staging the main rooms. Our vacant home staging services helped this house sell within a few weeks!




16558 63rd.jpg


16558 after.jpg

No furnishings. No worry. Our Katronis stager has furniture and home décor items to draw upon from our vast inventory.

4.       Renovation Colour and Material Co-ordination
Planning on doing some renovations before you sell? We helped this West Cloverdale home owner from the day renovations began to ensure the seller’s budget capitalized on noticeable improvements and the material colour choices lined up.

This was a successful six-month project which netted the owner far above their price expectations than if they had sold prior to renovating their kitchen and exterior.




17314 62a before kitchen.jpg


17314 62A after kitchen after.jpg

Our Katronis realtors can explain what type of home improvements substantially increase the value of a home before selling, and what renos net little return for the home owner.


Our professional staging services are our most valued-added services for our sellers. What’s even better? The use of our inventory and our stager’s expertise to prepare your home for sale doesn’t cost you a dime! Whether it’s advising home owners on painting walls, installing floors and baseboards, a bathroom renovation, or exterior work, Serena will help you select the best colours and material styles to update your home, stay within your budget, while improving your home’s curb appeal.

We understand that buying a home is an emotional purchase, and we know what changes add value and what don’t. We’ve been selling homes for over 35 years and are consistently ranked in the #1 of all Real Estate Teams in the Fraser Valley since 2014.

Call our offices today at 604-574-0161 to arrange an appointment for a Katronis realtor to provide you with a free home evaluation and explain what’s included in marketing your home the Katronis way.


Our Realtor explained the entire sales process from listing the property until the closing time. The Katronis real estate team worked with professional stagers and photographers that yielded a quick sale.  Very pleased with the result.   - Lani Torio (Seller) 2016